When you enter the house you will be enchanted by the high ceilings and the strong stone walls. Follow the crackling of the wood fire in the living room, and touch with your hand the long marble table where a big family used to gather and dine

we have a very personal approach to retreats, small group etc.

Su Ferreri is filled with taste and love. Each room has a story to tell and is furnished unconstrained and natural. You can admire interiors designed with taste that feel like home.

Our rooms are double and triples. All beds can be arranged to be comfortable double beds and single ones for room sharing.

Tastefully furnished with a traditional touch, they will make your stay exclusive and unforgettable 

To make your stay even more unforgettable you can book us to cook delicious and balanced vegetarian meals during your holiday . At Su Ferreri we use only whole and fresh seasonal ingredients and have an ear for your special dietary requirements and wishes. 



LGBTQ+ friendly

Our place is inclusive of all genders, sexes, religions, nationalities and life paths. We are all standing in the same huge spinning rock somewhere in the universe.  Although we plan to become a place for all in the future, unfortunately the traditional setting of the house makes it hard at the moment to be accessible to a wheelchair.


Tel: +39 348 9527885 

Corso Umberto I, 19 Sorradile , Sardegna

For reservations please include:

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We will contact you within 24h for an overview of the costs and the confirmation details

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