Su Ferreri has been a shelter for many animals who got abandoned or weren't cared for. Some we kept (we live with 4 dogs and 3 cats), and others have found a loving family, a pack where they can live happily.

Many animals in need cross our path daily.

Contact us if you are interested in adopting or donating.


He is Sandra's soulmate, a human happily fitting into a dog body.


We rescued her from a bad accident and tried to put her back with her family. She kept coming to our home and is now part of the pack


She is the sister of Asha, and is the nerd of the pack. She never has enough cuddles, even if only with a laptop.


He came and joined a pack of sweet humans in Ollolai. After spending 2 months in a TV production, he left to live in Amsterdam Noord with a couple of amazing humans


The happy hunter, he smells like roses and doesn't loose hair


He chose us as his pack. He was never intimidated by our dogs and now he bullies them free


She got abandoned in front of our house (lucky her!). After a good healing with vitamines, she left to Switzerland, where she lives with 2 loving humans, 1 dog and 2 cats


Pauli lived for three years at Su Ferreri. He happily grazed in people's gardens and kept the grass always short and nice. Now he lives next to Cagliari with Rosa and some nice humans.


Nox's sister, she loves barking and keeping the pack together


She has a tiny spot on her left lower lips that is asking for kisses


A hunter didn't want her anymore because she is afraid of shots. She got abandoned and we found her a home in Holland, with lots of humans around and a lot of love.


She is the sister of Pauli, and her lower lip hangs down asking for cuddles. 


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